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Character Portraits

Pandanzeia follows the 41 sapphic women (plus a dog and cat) of the senior staff and marine, explorer and astronaut teams of the flagship SNS Pandanzeia.

The story primarily centers around the two main characters, Fleet Admiral Abwaneema L'Shanwe and Captain Novalie Varg, as well as the ship AI, Pandanzeia.

I first started the project in early 2015 and completed all portraits of all the then existing characters at the beginning of 2016. Then, however, I started to go through them again to update them with new uniform designs and for some new character designs. In addition, I've also added more characters to the cast and therefore the portrait to-do-list, most notably the Fleet Admiral's staff officers in 2016. Georgdes and Coa'luol'i was added in the first half of 2017, and Torinth was added in the beginning of 2018. Throughout 2018 I've also worked hard on finalizing uniform designs as well as redesigning a large chunk of the cast, so the completion of the portrait project has sort of fluctuated wildly.

2020 update: Many portraits have been completed and more are in progress. Some portraits have been removed here due to character redesigns (ie Ameira the doctor) or more extensive edits. Four new characters has also joined the cast in 2020; Mercedes, Vaiki, Tin'acri'lla and Philippa!

The Main Cast

These are the full finished portraits of the main cast, which consists of the three main characters, Abwaneema, Novalie and Pandanzeia, and their senior staffs.

12/19 portraits are currently done.

The Supporting Cast

The big supporting cast consists mainly of the main cast's immediate subordinates and the alpha amphi unit's members.

17/28 portraits are currently done (some are not shown here due to having some edits being done to them).

The Kids & Animals

These are the animal companions and children of the main and supporting cast.