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Starnaval Service Uniforms (SSUs)

The second part of the uniform series I've finished and the main type of uniforms worn by the webcomic's cast. These are the service dress (duty uniforms), as well as full dress (ceremonial uniforms).

Like with the AFUs I've put a lot of my focus on visual language and theme/aesthethic in the designs with some considerations to practicality as well, and personnel type, rank and department/proffession is the main information that I wanted conveyed through their design.

There's a distinct uniform for each of the three personnel types; officer, petty officer and spaceman, with special variants for flag officers. The officer uniform is actually the first and oldest of the uniform designs, and haven't changed very much over the years. I designed it to be smooth and elegant with few visible seams and hidden pockets.

The enlisted originally all had the same uniform, but got split into two when the spacemen took a more sailor-esque route. The petty officer incorporates elements from both spacemen and officers; a bit more practical-looking than the officer, but more officer-y than the spaceman. My main theme here was for... well, basically something cool-looking and "seargant-y" for lack of a better word, that also fits the general futuristic/naval theme. The spacemen, obviously, imitates a classic sailor uniform because what doesn't better help sell the romance of naval-inspired sailing spaceships and space exploration than cute sailor outfits? ;D

Amphibious Field Uniforms (AFUs)

The first part of the uniform series I finished.

The AFUs are, as evident by the name the uniforms the cast will wear in space and on their amphibious missions. 'Amphibious' in this world being an umbrella term for explorers, astronauts and marines.

I focused a lot on visual language and theme/aesthetic when designing the full AFUs. I wanted distinct and cohesive styles for each of the three corps so that in the comic you can easily tell them apart. But I also wanted each class to have its own unique and cool design that communicates their role/specialization. Which was easier for some than others. The classes and class system itself kinda ended up very video game-esque as I wanted each class's role to be distinct, with as little overlap as possible, and with unique advantages & disadvantages--and well, video games are already pretty good at this, so much inspiration was borrowed from there :P